IT Services

Sabre are experienced in the use of many IT software packages as well as web design. Contact us and we can either provide a fixed rate to get your project moving again or an hourly rate for you to use our services as and when you need it. Some of the IT services we offer are detailed below.

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Microsoft Office

If you need support using Microsoft Office then we can help. We are skilled in the use of Excel and dealing with large spreadsheets, functions and formulas etc.

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With over 10 years experience in various procurement e-sourcing solutions we can run new implementation projects or assist with your current solution.

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Contract Management

We have vast experience in procurement contract management solutions so can help with any new projects and with your software selection process.

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e-Business Suite

With 12 years experience in working on the Oracle e-Business Suite we can provide functional support for the iProcurement and Purchasing modules.

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IT Software Assistance

With our experience in various areas of IT services, especially Microsoft Excel and procurement IT solutions, we are able to assist with most software packages. We work with small or larger organisations and have worked very closely with Government providing various IT services. You may need someone to run a specific project for you, or it may be someone to learn a specific piece of software and then train your users. We can also assist in an advisory role for your processes on implementation and software usage. Writing training material, user guides and process flow documents are all areas where we can add value to your organisation.

IT Services